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Grafislab, Packaging Solutions, Lda. assumes the global commitment of the Quality of its products and services, formalized through this Policy, with the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.

The articulation of the company’s structure with the rigour of the processes and with the creativity, the updating and the involvement of all the collaborators, allow the maintenance of high levels of satisfaction with its clients. Given this, each of the employees has an active role to play in the framework of their specific activities, contributing to the success of the company.

The management commits itself to provide the necessary resources for the implementation of this Policy, bearing in mind the effective management of the organization, based on the following principles:

• Complying with all internal, customer, and legal requirements, the quality of the products and services is a responsibility of all employees and subcontractors, promoting full customer satisfaction;

• Encourage employee participation in the Quality improvement processes, promoting initiative, teamwork and professional training;

• Promote the continuous improvement of processes, products, and services, evaluating performance through periodic review of the objectives and goals established for the Quality activity;

• Clearly identify and fully satisfy customer needs and expectations regarding products and services;

• Develop a quality culture by encouraging the clarification and training of employees, so that they carry out their activities in a responsible way;

• Establish a sharing and trust relationship with suppliers;

• Apply the best available techniques, such as the use of raw materials and more efficient technologies, taking into account the product life perspective, in order to reduce the environmental impacts associated with its processes and to prevent pollution;

• Reduce and control risks in order to prevent incidents and occupational diseases;

• Comply with all legal, regulatory, normative and other requirements that GRAFISLAB subscribes to;

• Develop communication as a way to improve the capacity to create value.

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